ITEP Reports

Income Tax Offers Alaska a Brighter Fiscal Future

July 12, 2016

Read this report in PDF. This month, Alaska legislators regroup in yet another special session where they will consider legislation to address a yawning budget gap created by declining oil tax and royalty revenues. Through the use of his veto...

Sales Tax Holidays: An Ineffective Alternative to Real Sales Tax Reform

July 11, 2016

Read this Policy Brief in PDF here. Sales taxes are an important revenue source, composing close to half of all state tax revenues.[1] But sales taxes are also inherently regressive because the lower a family’s income, the more the family...

State Corporate Tax Disclosure: Why It's Needed

June 29, 2016

Few state tax trends are as striking as the rapid decline of state corporate income tax revenues. As recently as 1986, state corporate income taxes equaled 0.5 percent of nationwide Gross State Product (GSP) (a measure of statewide economic activity). But in fiscal year 2013 (the last year for which data are available), state and local corporate income taxes were just 0.33 percent of nationwide GSP--representing a decline of over 30 percent.

How Long Has it Been Since Your State Raised Its Gas Tax?

June 28, 2016

Read this Policy Brief in PDF form Many states’ transportation budgets are in disarray, in part because they are trying to cover the rising cost of asphalt, machinery, and other construction materials with a gasoline tax rate that is rarely...

State Treatment of Itemized Deductions

June 2, 2016

Read this Policy Brief in PDF Form Map of State Treatment of Itemized Deductions Thirty-one states and the District of Columbia allow a group of income tax breaks known as “itemized deductions.” [1] Itemized deductions are designed to help defray a...