Meg Wiehe

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Meg Wiehe

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State tax and budget policy current and historical state tax trends immigrants and taxes working family tax credits

Meg is ITEP’s deputy director.  She joined ITEP as its state tax policy director in 2010 after spending several years working on tax policy in her home state of North Carolina. She is responsible for coordinating ITEP’s federal and state tax policy agenda. Meg works closely with policymakers, legislative staff and state and national organizations to advise and provide research on policy solutions that will achieve fair and sustainable federal, state and local tax systems.

Meg is an expert on state tax policy issues. She studies, writes and provides commentary and insight to a wide range of audiences on historical and current trends in state tax and budget policy. In particular, her analyses focus both on how tax and budget policies affect low- and moderate-income families as well as the intersection of tax and budget policies and state and local governments’ ability to fund basic public priorities, including education, infrastructure and health care. She is a lead or co-author of numerous publications on topics ranging from tax credits for workers and families, taxes paid by undocumented immigrants, closing tax loopholes, using state tax codes as an anti-poverty tool, promoting progressive revenue raising options, to comprehensive state and local tax reform.  She also is a lead author of ITEP’s flagship report, Who Pays? A Distributional Analysis of the Tax Systems in All Fifty States. 

Before ITEP, Meg worked at the North Carolina Budget and Tax Center where her research and advocacy focused on the effect of state fiscal policy on low- and moderate-income North Carolinians.  Her work in North Carolina included leading a successful campaign to enact a state refundable Earned Income Tax Credit and coordinating a statewide revenue coalition, Together NC.

Meg holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Virginia and a Master of Public Administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. She resides in Durham, N.C.

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