November 6, 2018

Washington Post: Threat of Arizona Tax Measure Brings Together Liberals, Koch Brothers

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(Meg Wiehe, a tax specialist at the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, argued the sales tax is passed on to the consumers and that these businesses are not “double taxed.”) Gullett also said that the organization “has received enormous support from the Arizona Association of Realtors,” calling the group “consistent defenders of consumers.”

Massachusetts organizers had pushed a ballot initiative to tax income more than $1 million to fund education and transportation projects, but the state courts struck the plan down. Similarly, in Arizona, teachers’ organizations had hoped to win higher pay through a ballot measure that would have raised their salaries by taxing the rich. Arizona’s highest court blocked the ballot initiative in August.

“Popular initiatives were thrown out due to wording challenges brought by conservative interests,” said Wiehe, of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.