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The Problem with the Multi-Million-Dollar Effort to Secure Corporate and Millionaire Tax Cuts

Anti-tax advocates are launching a multi-million campaign to sell tax reform as beneficial to working people. But unless GOP leaders devise new tax plans that radically depart from previous proposals, the end result will be a bonanza for wealthy people and a pittance for working people.

Sound Tax Policy Made a Comeback in the States This Year

Major tax reform efforts this year in a diverse mix of states prioritized revenue raising for public investments, and tax cut proposals primarily targeted low-income working families.

Undocumented Immigrants' State and Local Tax Contributions

Undocumented immigrants living in the United States pay billions of dollars each year in state and local taxes. These tax contributions would increase significantly if all current undocumented immigrants were granted a pathway to citizenship as part of a comprehensive immigration reform.

The 35 Percent Corporate Tax Myth

Profitable corporations are subject to a 35 percent federal income tax rate on their U.S. profits. But many corporations pay far less, or nothing at all, because of the many tax loopholes and special breaks they enjoy.

Who Pays? 5th Edition

ITEP's Who Pays? report assesses the fairness of state and local tax systems by examining the share of income paid in state and local taxes by people across the economic spectrum.


Federal Policy

ITEP’s federal policy resources provide quantitative and qualitative research and analysis on current tax policies, proposals, and reform options. Its distributional analyses highlight how tax proposals will affect low-income, middle-class and wealthy Americans nationally and in all 50 states.

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State Policy

State taxes pay for essential public services, from education to health care. But the ideal design of a tax system is complicated. ITEP’s state policy resources offer insights into central issues, including the impact of state tax systems on individuals, families, and businesses. Its work also analyzes the sustainability of revenue sources over time.

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Corporate Tax Research

ITEP’s corporate tax research examines the tax practices of Fortune 500 companies. Besides its corporate study on average effective tax rates paid by the nation’s largest, most profitable corporations, ITEP produces research on subjects such as offshore cash holdings, tax haven abuse, executive stock options and other tax loopholes.

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Expert's View

"For the better part of the 20th century, the nation’s economic pie grew as did incomes for all Americans. But for the past 40 years, wages for ordinary Americans have stagnated while income growth and wealth have concentrated at the top. Our nation’s tax and other public policies play a big part in this damaging trend. Our policymakers owe working people more than tax cuts with unrealistic promises of economic growth."
Alan Essig

Alan Essig
Executive Director

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