December 17, 2012

Arizona Children’s Action Alliance: Skin in the Game: Who really Pays Arizona taxes?

ITEP Work in Action

“In political talking points, the phrase “everyone should have skin in the game” is being used to push unfair revenue schemes around the country. The phrase is used under the false assumption that low-income Americans aren’t paying their fair share of taxes. In Arizona, some proponents of the so-called flat tax are using this slogan to justify tax cuts for the wealthy and tax increases for everyone else. The facts show that the Arizona legislature has created numerous methods that profitable corporations and taxpayers of all incomes use to shrink their taxes. And low-income Arizonans already have more skin in the game than anyone else for total tax payments. Arizonans want a state budget and tax system that work for families and succeed for the health, education, and security of our children. Taxpayers deserve to go beyond the slogans and false claims to see who really pays Arizona taxes.”

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