January 9, 2017

California Budget & Policy Center: What Has Proposition 30 Meant for California?

ITEP Work in Action

Proposition 30, approved by voters in 2012, provided critical revenues to California at a time when the state faced daunting fi scal challenges. These revenues increased school funding and allowed for reinvestment in other public services after years of cuts. Prop. 30’s tax rate increases are scheduled to expire over the next several years. Although the state is in a much stronger fi scal situation now than it was in 2012, the phasing out of Prop. 30’s revenue boost would mean fewer resources available in the coming years to fund California’s various priorities. This Issue Brief is the fi rst of a two-part series in which we discuss what Prop. 30 has meant for California, and what extending a key component of it, as proposed by Prop. 55 on the November 2016 ballot, would mean for the state.

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