October 3, 2014

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Axing Ohio’s Income Tax

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In 2011, the state of Florida spent $8,887 per-pupil, ranking it 38th among the states, according to a report by Governing magazine based on Census data. Ohio ranked 18th that year, spending $11,223 per pupil.

That same report showed that Ohio’s graduation rate for all students was nine percentage points higher than Florida. The rate for students with disabilities was 23 points higher in Ohio.

That is the type of trade off that lawmakers need to consider as contemplate eliminating the income tax, said Matthew Gardner, the executive director of the non-partisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a think tank in Washington D.C.

“When people talk about repealing the income tax in Ohio and other states, they generally don’t like to talk about these things, Gardner said.

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