August 30, 2017

Fortune: Trump Doesn’t Want Us to See His Real Tax Plan

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Following is an excerpt from a op-ed by Alan Essig, executive director of ITEP, published on Fortune.

President Donald Trump and his allies in Congress are eager to turn our attention to tax changes. This Wednesday, Trump will head to Missouri to promote the supply-side argument for tax cuts. But he doesn’t want us to look carefully at the Republican proposal, because too much public scrutiny would likely deal it a lethal blow.

While the messaging around GOP tax proposals is jobs creation and tax cuts for the middle class, their proposed remedy is tax cuts that largely benefit corporations and the wealthy—ideas that polling reveals the public opposes because most of us know that top-heavy tax cuts will neither create jobs nor benefit the middle class.

Still, voter opinion has not deterred lawmakers’ efforts to garner public backing for tax cuts. Read more