October 27, 2017

Fortune: You’re Better off in a State with High Income Tax

media mention

Following is an excerpt written by Carl Davis, ITEP’s research director, and published in Fortune.

Many lawmakers in Congress and in statehouses around the country peddle the same supply-side theory about income taxes: the lower the tax, the more the economy will grow. But new research from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy reveals this economic approach is failing to deliver in the states. In fact, states with higher income taxes outperformed states with no income tax.

My colleagues and I compared the economic track record of the states that have charted the most radically different courses with their income tax policies, or lack thereof. Specifically, we examined economic growth in the nine states with the highest top income tax rates (averaging 10%), and the nine states with no broad-based personal income tax. What we found undermines claims that income taxes are a drag on growth that must be reduced or eliminated. Read more