Funding Our Common Priorities Through Progressive Tax Policy

Numerous policies enacted in the 20th century have enabled tremendous social progress that has benefited all of us. Our collective tax dollars fund programs that have reduced elderly and childhood poverty, advanced public health, enabled a better educated workforce, made our food safe, allowed for easy interstate travel, and overall improved quality of life in the United States.

Even with these tremendous advances, we still have more work to do.

Unfortunately, powerful, wealthy special interests continue to wage a campaign against federal tax policies that have made this progress possible. This has resulted in several rounds of federal tax cuts since 2001 that have primarily benefited the nation’s highest earning households and reduced needed revenue for critical programs and services.

At the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, we are working to reverse this trend and move the nation toward more progressive federal tax policies that raise enough revenue to fund our common priorities.

Our work is twofold. We use our proprietary model to analyze current and proposed tax laws and regulations to determine how they affect the nation’s ability to raise needed revenue, as well as how they affect the after-tax income of individuals and families at every income level. And we employ robust communications and outreach strategies to ensure our research gets into the hands of the policymakers, media and the general public so that it can make a difference.

We know that our work is effective. Polling shows the vast majority of people support the kind of progressive tax system for which ITEP advocates.

Together, we can help preserve essential services and programs that benefit all Americans.

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