January 15, 2013

Mississippi Economic Policy Center: Investing for Growth, Enhancing Our Prospects: Tax Reform in Mississippi

ITEP Work in Action

In any given year, the state of Mississippi and its residents accomplish a lot. Through the collective investment of our tax dollars, we maintain over 10,000 miles of roads, help educate more than 800,000 children and adults from kindergarten to university and support more than 7,000 law enforcement officers in our local communities. With tax reform discussions underway, it is important to ask questions that will allow us to move ahead as decisions are made regarding our future. Questions like:

•What does it take to run a modern state?

•What resources are needed to maintain and update the public systems we use every day?

•What new public structures and innovations might require new revenues or new approaches?

As we engage in the tax reform process, it is important to raise questions like those above to ensure that Mississippi has the necessary resources to move forward in the years to come. The bulletin Investing for Growth, Enhancing our Prospects highlights the existing challenges and opportunities offered by good tax reform.