April 24, 2021

New Jersey Policy Perspective: Blueprint to Secure a Just Recovery

ITEP Work in Action

In 2017, New Jersey Policy Perspective released the Blueprint for Economic Justice and Shared Prosperity. It charted a course forward for the state after decades of short-sighted policymaking that exacerbated racial disparities, spread economic inequality, and weakened our ability to address emergent problems. Now, as we begin to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and recession, New Jersey is at a transitional moment — a moment of sterling opportunity to build a better future for all residents. Returning to the economy we had before the pandemic is not an option. To move forward, we must affirm our commitment to justice and prosperity for all, and implement policies that ensure all New Jerseyans can thrive.

This new Blueprint is more than a pathway out of the pandemic and recession — it is also a new vision for NJPP. Produced in close collaboration with dozens of partners, the Blueprint  encompasses both the issue areas that have long been the backbone of our work, as well as new priorities which NJPP identified as critical to securing just and equitable outcomes. The needs of our state are great and we can no longer afford to silo our policy concerns; we must recognize the inextricable links that tie housing to school funding to transportation and beyond. To avoid robbing Peter to pay Paul, we must grow the pie and be forthright about the level of investment that our communities truly need.

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