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State Rundown 12/15: Making Our State Tax Naughty or Nice List & Checking it Twice

December 15, 2021

.ITEP Staff

As the holiday season kicks into full gear, we’re putting the finishing touches on our State Tax Naughty or Nice list, and it looks like some late entrants are making a good case to be included. First, the naughty: Two Georgia and Idaho gubernatorial hopefuls and several Iowa senators have landed on the list for their plans for try and eliminate their state income tax. Meanwhile, we wouldn’t be surprised if the governor of Arkansas received a visit from The Ghost of Economies Past to show him what budgetary chaos his signing of a massive individual and corporate income tax cut into law will do to the state. On the other hand, Wyoming legislators may just land on the ‘Nice’ list for finding the courage to increase the fuel tax to fill a nagging shortfall in transportation funding, and the Utah governor’s proposal to use excess revenues for a food tax rebate could bring joy and good tidings to those who need it most.

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