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State Rundown 9/6: Most Statehouses Quiet, Many Pondering Harvey’s Impacts

September 7, 2017

.ITEP Staff

It’s been a quiet week for tax policy in most states, though lawmakers are still making noise in Pennsylvania, where a budget agreement is still needed, and in Wisconsin, where legislators are searching for the will to raise revenue for the state’s ailing transportation infrastructure. In our “What We’re Reading” section you’ll find interesting reading on the fiscal fallout of Hurricane Harvey, as well as an in-depth series on how states’ disaster response needs are likely to continue to increase.

— Meg Wiehe, ITEP Deputy Director, @megwiehe

What We’re Reading…

  • Governing reviews some of the massive fiscal impacts of Hurricane Harvey, which will likely cause both sales and property taxes to plummet in the affected areas.
  • A study of Pennsylvania education finance over the past several years demonstrates how an influx of charter schools can drain needed funding away from public schools.
  • Stateline delivers a three-part series on the ways federal pull-back and increasingly frequent and expensive storms will force states to step up in disaster mitigation due to federal pull-back and storms that are more frequent and more expensive.
  • Forbes weighs-in on the controversial Oregon bike tax, distinguishing between taxes that are intended to deter certain types of undesirable behaviors from use taxes that are intended to collectively fund public investments by those who most directly benefit from them.

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