December 19, 2016

The Governor’s Task Force on Infrastructure Investment: Sustainable Solutions for Multimodal Transportaion Infrastructure in Louisiana

ITEP Work in Action

Pursuant to the charges of JBE 2016-23, the Governor’s Task Force on Transportation Infrastructure Investment (Task Force) worked diligently over a six-month period to determine what must be done to address Louisiana’s vast multimodal transportation issues. Through the course of six formal meetings at the capitol and by attending eight regional meetings across the State hosted by economic development organizations and metropolitan planning organizations, the Task Force studied the complexities of Louisiana’s transportation needs and the project delivery process; received national expert testimony on transportation financing; and received feedback from communities across Louisiana. Based on its findings, the Task Force adopted nine resolutions that together make the actionable recommendations necessary to fulfill JBE 2016-23’s charge. This report provides an overview of the information studied by the Task Force and other key findings that led to the adoption of nine resolutions.

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