April 29, 2017

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Tax the Rich? Done. Tax Fairness, Well …

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A broader comparison of all state and local taxes comes from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a progressive Washington research group. It, too, ranks Minnesota’s tax system today among the country’s most progressive — or, as ITEP says, among the “least regressive.”

 “Virtually every state tax system is fundamentally unfair,” the report declares, meaning that state and local taxes as a whole typically collect a larger portion of the incomes of the poor than of the rich.

Property taxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, tobacco and alcohol taxes are among the many ungraduated levies that hit the poor relatively harder. But states like Minnesota, with strongly progressive state income tax systems, are less unfair than others, in ITEP’s view. It ranks the state the sixth least unfair in America — giving part of the credit to Dayton’s “tax the rich” policies enacted by a DFL-controlled Legislature in 2013.

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