March 2, 2017

The San Jose Mercury News: Undocumented Immigrants Contributed Billions in State and Local Taxes

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Trump, like many of his supporters, has said undocumented residents hurt the economy by taking jobs from U.S. citizens while using up public services and other resources. Taxpayers, he argues, front that cost.

The institute published a similar analysis last year, though Thursday’s report used newer population estimates from 2014.

“We felt very compelled to publish an updated report given the need for accurate data at this time, considering that the president is pushing immigration policies that rely on the flawed assumption that immigrants are a drain on the economy and aren’t contributing,” said Meg Wiehe, the institute’s director of programs and a co-author of the report.

“Given the current political context that we’re in, the flip side is understanding what’s at stake with mass deportations. It would mean billions of dollars lost in state and local revenue at a minimum.” Read more