Miles Trinidad

State Policy Analyst

Miles Trinidad

Miles provides research and monitors state tax policy to support state researchers and advocates.    


Before joining ITEP in 2022, Miles worked in the office of Rep. Peter DeFazio for more than three years. As a legislative assistant, his work included drafting a windfall profits tax on oil companies to prevent corporate profiteering from global crises and returning the tax revenue to Americans as a rebate, pursing an equitable tax policy related to financial transaction taxes and tax avoidance from the wealthy and major corporations, and reforming higher education policy to improve affordability and eliminate the burden of student loan debt. Overall, his legislative portfolio included budget, education, financial services, homeland security, housing, labor, LGBTQ issues, taxes, and technology/telecommunications.  


Miles is a proud Oregonian and earned his B.S. in Economics, Political Science, and Journalism from the University of Oregon.

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