January 1, 2018

Select state coverage of ITEP’s analyses of Republican tax Plans

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Burlington County Times: Will Phil Murphy raise NJ’s taxes (and 4 other political questions for ..
Kaplan Herald: This chart exhibits how the GOP tax plan will hit your pockets
Wiscnews: Tax cuts increase inequity
Patch.com: MacArthur Touts Tax Reform; Will It Help NJ As Much As He Says?
NJ.com: Long lines spring up as residents rush to prepay property taxes
Asbury Park Press: Tax reform in NJ: Should you buy a house and other pocketbook …
Twin Cities.com: Wisconsin homeowners can’t prepay 2018 property tax bill to get …
Observer: MacArthur Claims That Fear of GOP Tax Plan Is Product of …
WSIL: How tax reform could impact Illinoisans
WSAW: Top 6 ways the GOP tax bill affects average Americans
AL.com:  Alabama, too, needs tax reform
Concord Monitor: Benefits from tax overhaul will be felt widely in NH, but not evenly
UrbanMilwaukee: Federal Tax Plan’s Impact on State
The Star-Ledger:  It’s official: Trump tax bill now law
The Star-Ledger:  7 things you should do right now to save money before Trump tax …
Newburgh Gazette: GOP Tax Bill Heads To Trump’s Desk
MAPLight.org: US Multinationals Benefiting from GOP Tax Overhaul Spent $82 …
Casper Star-Tribune: Wyoming delegation touts new tax plan amid widespread doubts
Petoskey News-Review: The tax bill is worse than bad. It’s corrupt.
Lynchburg News and Advance: The Tax Bill: Not Just Bad, But Corrupt
The Granby Times: Story image for "institute on taxation and economic policy" from The Granby TimesThe tax reform of Trump could face the wall of debt
Las Vegas Review Journal: Some US companies plan to share tax windfall with workers
Sioux Falls Argus Leader: South Dakota Republicans trumpet tax reform deal
Portage Daily Register: Contact Wisconsin senators to stop the tax bill
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Federal tax cut could lead to higher state income taxes in Wisconsin
NE Mississippi Journal: Cutting Taxes Is Only Good If It Works for All
San Francisco Chronicle: GOP Lawmakers Weigh Changes in Tax Bill
Orange County Register: Don’t Let Rhetoric Fool You on Republican Tax Plan
WV MetroSources: Sides Split on Tax Bill
Concord Monitor: Five Facts about the Tax Plan
Washington Examiner: Republican Tax Bill Would Tie the Hands of Blue State Governors
Baltimore Sun: Why making American corporations more competitive doesn’t help most Americans
Newark Star Ledger: N.J. Republican fires back at top Democrats blasting him for backing Trump tax plan
CityLab: Where the GOP Tax Bill Stands
Omaha World Herald: Some say plan to limit state and local taxes deduction is unfair; others argue it’s the right move
Casper Star-Tribune: GOP tax plan backed by Cheney could imperil Wyoming first-time home buyer program
Star Ledger: You’re Not Going to Like What Would Happen to Home Prices Under GOP Tax Plan
Maine Free Press: Let’s Just Call the Tax Plan What It Is: Class Warfare
VTDigger: What trickles down may be pressure to cut taxes
Denver Magazine: The U.S. Senate Passes Sweeping Tax Bill
Newark Star-Ledger: Losing your N.J. income tax break in Trump plan could hurt more than property tax shift
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Wisconsin could see $4.4 billion tax cut in 2019 but a $31 million hike in 2027 under Senate bill
Newark Star-Ledger: Booker, Menendez say House Republicans from blue states can save your property tax break
Courier Tribune: GOP Tax Plan Is a Corporate Hand Out
WZZM 13: What You Need to Know about the GOP Tax Bills
Reading Eagle: The GOP’s $10,000 Cap on Property Tax Deduction
Casper Star Tribune: Barasso Says He’s Ignoring Deficit Report as Senate Tax Plan Moves Along
Newark Star-Ledger: Senate Okays GOP Tax Overhaul and Debt Increase
San Francisco Chronicle: Next Step in GOP Tax Bill Unlikely to Deliver Help to California
Salt Lake Tribune: Supporters of GOP Tax Plan Are Not Telling the Truth
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Memo to Businesses
Maine Public Radio: Collins Votes for Controversial Tax Overhaul
New York Observer: Murphy Joins Cuomo, Brown to Condemn GOP Tax Plan
San Francisco Chronicle: GOP Tax Plan a Mixed Bag for Tech Firms
Baltimore Sun: Senate Still Grappling with Tax Bill That Will Have a Big Impact on Maryland
The Commercial Appeal: Tax Cuts Would Lead to Deeper, Painful Spending Cuts
Newark Star-Ledger: Seven Things You May Really Hate About the Trump-Backed Tax Bill
Bangor Daily News: The Senate Tax Plan Would Harm Maine Communities
Casper Star-Tribune: Tax Bill
Austin Chronicle: This Week in Trumpism
Aurora Sentinel: Ad Campaign Targets Coffman’s Support of Tax Bill
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Our Leaders Should Do Tax Reform Right
St. Louis Post: President Trump Pushes Tax Cut Plan, Hawley for Senate
Salt Lake City Weekly: Trickle-Down Manners
St. Louis Post: Trump In St. Charles Expected to Predict Roaring Economy
The Hawk Eye: GOP Tax Plan Is Not a Victory for Iowans
Chattanooga Times: Will We Be Collateral Damage for the GOP Tax Plan
Lafayette Journal: Donnelly, Young Should Stand Firm on Trump Tax Plan
Topeka Capital Journal: A Warning from Kansas
Sun Journal: Tax Bill’s Fate May Depend on Maine’s Susan Collins
Idaho State Journal: GOP Is Trying to Sucker Punch Hard-Working Idahoans–Again
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Luring corporate money from tax havens is a big unknown for reform proposals
Lincoln Journal Star: Federal Tax Reform Could Challenge State Senators
Watertown Daily: Confused by the Tax Bills?
Wisconsin State Journal: Tammy Baldwin Calls GOP Tax Bill a Boon for the Wealthy
Joplin Globe: GOP Tax Proposal Remains in Play
Des Moines Register: GOP Tax Plan Is Not a Victory for Iowans
Orange County Register: Californians Are Taxed Enough Without GOP Tax Reform
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Whether Middle-Class Iowans Save or Pay Depends on Tax Vote
Mesquite Local News: Tax reform debate falls down a rabbit hole
Idaho Mountain Express: Tax Bills Bad for Middle Class
Quad City Times: Analysis: Reports claim middle-class Iowans could see taxes increase under new law
Canton Repository: Taking issue with Jane Timken’s view on tax overhaul
Newark Star-Ledger: Hey, MacArthur! Why’d you bail out on N.J.? Come debate the tax plan | Editorial
Newburgh Gazette: Trump tax plan trumps Californians Newburgh Gazette
Wisconsin Gazette: Republican Tax Plan Eliminates Deduction for State and Local Taxes
Reading Eagle: Should America’s Upper Middle Class Take the Biggest Tax Hit?
The Exponent Telegram: Richest West Virginians Would Benefit Most from Tax Plan
Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Donovan Bucks GOP, Votes No on Tax Plan
The Dallas Morning News: House OKs far-reaching tax bill without Democratic support, clearing key hurdle in sprint to pass revamp
The Newark Star-Ledger: Open Season On NJ
The Californian: Tax Reform Bill Splits State Republicans
Staten Island Advocate: Rep. Dan Donovan One of 13 Republicans to Vote against Tax Bill
The Orange County Register: House plan would raise taxes for many in So Cal; two area GOP reps vote against it
The (NY) Observer: MacArthur Votes for GOP Tax Overhaul
Alaska Public Radio Network: House passes tax plan, the bill Young says will open ANWR
Springfield News-Leader: Long, Springfield chamber support House bill that cuts taxes and eliminates deductions
Ventura County Star: Two Southern California Representative Vote Against Tax Plan
Omaha World-Herald: Slow Down Tax Overhaul
The Free Press (Maine): Congress to Vote on Massive Tax Cut for the Wealthy
The Denver Magazine: How the House and Senate Tax Plans Would Affect Coloradans
The (Kearney, NJ) Observer: NJ House Members Take Sides on GOP Tax Bill
The (Syracuse) Post-Standard: What the GOP Plan Means for New York
The Charleston (W.V.) Gazette Mail: WV GOP Quietly Backs House Vote on Tax Code
The Buffalo News: House GOP Bill Eliminates Deductions 152,000 Local People Take
The (Newark) Star-Ledger: Trump Has No Preference on Saving or Killing the Estate Tax, Conway Says
Vermont Biz: House Tax Bill Is a Bad Deal for Most Vermonters
Columbia Chronicle: Students Will Suffer if GOP/Corporations Have Their Way
WRAL (Raleigh-Durham): Tax Overhaul Must Work for All, Not Just Rig It for the Rich and Business
Indianapolis Star: VP Pence Claims Momentum for Tax Package
Kansas City Star: Beyond Winning and Losing in Tax Reform
Houston Chronicle: GOP Tax Plan Is a Wash for Individuals
San Francisco Chronicle: State and Local Tax Deduction Not as Valuable as It Seems
The (Newark) Star Ledger: Five Ways Trump-Backed Republican Tax Bills Could Affect You
The Sacramento Bee: Take a Number
Asbury Park Press: How Do NJ Politicians Feel about Trump Tax Plan?
Enid News and Eagle: How Oklahomans Would Fare under the Congressional Tax Plan
Houston Chronicle: Republican Tax Plan Grapples with Winners and Losers
The (Newark) Star Ledger: Murphy Slams Trump-Backed House Plan as a Sham
Wisconsin Gazette: House Tax Bill Child Tax Credit Increase Excludes 159,000 Families in Wisconsin
The (Newark) Star Ledger: How much will N.J. federal taxes rise under Trump-backed bill? It’s a big number
The (Newark) Star-Ledger: Senate GOP bill delivers bigger blow to N.J. by killing your entire property tax break
Huffington Post Op-Ed by Rep. Hank Johnson: GOP Tax Scam Bad for GeorgiansThe Free Press (Maine): Maine’s Congressional Delegation Reacts to GOP Tax Cut Bill
Dallas Morning News: Millions of Texans would see tax cut under House GOP plan, but many also would not
Blog for Arizona: Paul Ryan’s bait-and-switch sales campaign for the GOP tax bill
Atlanta Journal Constitution: Republican Plan Would Raise Taxes on Million
Arkansas Times: Tax Truths 
Salt Lake Tribune: Curtis won by appealing to the middle instead of the Republican fringe — let’s hope he keeps that up
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Who Wins Who Loses?
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio Shows Why a GOP tax plan tilted toward the wealthy will fail to move the needle on jobs
The Highland County (Ohio) Press: GOP tax bill redistributes wealth upward
Public News Service-Hartford: Tax Plan Upside Down Boon to the Rich
Bowling Green Daily News: Editorial Roundup
Hartford Business Journal: http://www.hartfordbusiness.com/article/20171106/NEWS01/171109945
Newark Star Ledger: http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2017/11/the_trump-republican_tax_reform_plan_was_just_anal.html
Arkansas Democrat: http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2017/nov/07/bill-s-tax-rise-looms-for-many-panel-he/
Philadelphia Inquirer: https://www.metro.us/news/the-big-stories/richest-americans-half-cuts-trump-tax-plan
Palm Beach Post: http://www.mypalmbeachpost.com/news/republican-plan-would-raise-taxes-millions/XwWhBuBShpnMIw2POIgL1N/