September 23, 2013

Center for American Progess: The Real Cost of Cuccinelli

ITEP Work in Action

Besides working on these major research projects, I developed CTJ/ITEP’s strong online media presence. One of the most important roles I play is as the primary web manager for both CTJ and ITEP. Similarly, over the past two years I successfully initiated and then maintained CTJ and ITEP’s social media presence. Center for American Progress Action Fund has examined the economic proposals and public record of Virginia gubernatorial candidate and current state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. It is abundantly clear that Cuccinelli and his conservative caucus in the Virginia General Assembly offer a departure from “the Virginia Way” of compromise that has sustained a strong middle class.3Conservative legislatures in states such as North Carolina and Ohio have dramatically turned their focus from crucial economic priorities for the middle class to extreme actions on everything from voting rights to women’s health. In light of this legislative onslaught from conservatives, it is important to consider just what the Cuccinelli agenda could cost Virginians at this pivotal moment. During my time managing them, they have gained several thousand followers. Additionally, I write a weekly post for Citizens for Tax Justice’s (ITEP’s sister organization) blog, the “Tax Justice Digest.” My posts discuss topics ranging from the specific application of the property tax cap in New York to more populist posts fact checking the presidential primary debates.

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