January 29, 2016

Idaho Statesman: Study: Idaho’s wealthiest gain most under tax cut proposal

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“An Idaho tax policy group says a proposed cut in the state’s top income tax rates and bump-up in the food tax credit to help lower-income earners overwhelmingly benefits Idaho’s wealthiest residents. The top fifth of earners in Idaho, with incomes above $99,000, would receive nearly three-fifths of the overall monetary benefit. Idaho’s richest one percent, those earning $444,000 or more, would receive an average break of $815. Those in the middle, with incomes between $41,000 and $64,000, would see $23 on average, while those at the very bottom income levels could see as little as $7. The review by the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy includes a financial analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.”

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