January 11, 2012

Kansas Governor Tax Proposal: Wealthy Kansans Pay Less, Poor and Middle-Income Kansans Pay More


Kansas Governor Sam Brownback unveiled his long anticipated tax plan last week. Sweeping changes to reduce the state’s reliance on its progressive personal income tax are at the core of the proposal. The plan cuts income tax rates, eliminates a variety of income tax deductions and credits, and makes permanent a temporary sales tax rate hike. An ITEP analysis of the plan finds that the bottom 80 percent of the state’s income distribution would collectively see a tax hike under the Brownback plan, while the best off 20 percent of Kansans would see substantial tax cuts. For most middle- and low-income Kansans, the tax break from the income tax rate cuts would be completely off set by the loss of income tax credits and itemized deductions, as well as a higher sales tax rate.

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