March 23, 2022

New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute: Expansions of the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit in New Hampshire

ITEP Work in Action

Prior to the temporary expansions, nearly one in five likely eligible Granite Staters did not claim the EITC, and approximately 7,745 children were estimated to be eligible for the CTC while the credit was not claimed on their household’s tax return. The potential under enrollment in key assistance programs, along with underutilization of the EITC and CTC in prior years, suggests there is the opportunity to support public benefit navigators and tax assistance programs to help ensure eligible Granite Staters claim this tax relief, especially given the temporary changes in eligibility and expansions to encompass more lower-income filers for tax year 2021.

Helping ensure that more eligible Granite Staters are able to claim this temporarily expanded tax relief would benefit everyone in the state. The EITC and the CTC provide significant resources and support to individuals and families, while bringing millions of dollars back into the state’s economy to help build a more equitable and inclusive recovery.

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