April 8, 2021

The High Cost of Corporate Tax Avoidance (Webinar)

How the Tax Code Can Demand Corporate Accountability and Community Investment

When communities thrive, so do corporations. But when profitable corporations build their empires by exploiting the tax code, it is workers, the environment and our communities—not CEOs or shareholders—that are harmed. Amazon posted its highest U.S. profit ever for 2020, an unprecedented year defined by a pandemic. Yet the company sheltered more than half its profits from corporate taxes—legally. While the company may be one of the most recognizable tax avoiders, it’s not an outlier.

On April 8, 2021, Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy Executive Director Amy Hanauer and Senior Fellow Matthew Gardner hosted a presentation on unrigging the corporate tax code, followed by a panel discussion with Arlene Martinez (Good Jobs First), Stacy Mitchell (Institute for Local Self-Reliance) and Dania Rajendra (Athena).

Access resources and the recording below: