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Personal Income Tax Features
Range of Tax Rates 5.15%
Standard Deduction
  • None
  • Personal Exemption $4,400 (Extra $2,400 for Head of Household Filers)
    Dependent Exemption $1,000
    Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) 15% Refundable
  • Flat income tax rate structure
  • Corporate Income Tax Features
    Range of Tax Rates N/A
    Income Level at Which Top Rate Applies N/A
    Combined Reporting 8.0%, 9% for financial institutions
    Apportionment Factor (Payroll) All
    Apportionment Factor (Property) Yes
    Apportionment Factor (Sales) 25%
    Sales Tax Features
    State Sales Tax Rate 6.25%
    Average Local Sales Tax Rate N/A
    Average Combined State & Local Sales Tax Rate 6.25%
    State Sales Tax Treatment of Groceries Exempt
    Local Sales Tax Treatment of Groceries N/A
    Number of Services Taxed 18 out of 168 surveyed (2007)
    Streamlined Sales Tax Membership No
  • Sales tax holiday offered in 2014
  • Sales tax applies to some digital goods and services
  • Property Tax Features
  • Property tax revenue increases capped at 2.5% per year.
  • Property tax revenue capped at 2.5% of total assessed value.
  • Other Tax & Revenue Features
    Gasoline Tax Rate (per gallon) $0.265
    Diesel Tax Rate (per gallon) $0.235
    Cigarette Tax Rate (per pack) $3.51
    Estate or Inheritance Tax Yes
    Net Lottery Sales Per Capita $635 (2010)
    Tax Policy Oversight
    Tax Expenditure Report Yes
    Tax Incidence Analysis Capability Personal income tax only

    Last updated January 13, 2015