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Trends We’re Watching in 2019

February 7, 2019

xITEP Staff

This is part one of a seven-part series on state trends we’re watching in 2019.

This year is full of opportunity for state policymakers and advocates seeking to improve upside-down tax systems and generate needed funding for shared priorities. In a series of blog posts launching today, ITEP staff summarizes key trends it is watching in statehouses this year, with special attention to the many efforts underway to reduce racial and economic inequities and better prepare state budgets for the next recession and reduced federal investments. Along the way, we’ll also draw attention to some of the more destructive policy ideas to watch for in 2019.

We cover each of these trends:

  1. Using Targeted Tax Breaks to Help Address Poverty and Inequality
  2. Raising Revenue and Spending Surpluses to Prioritize Critical Public Investments
  3. Addressing Lingering Federal Conformity Questions and Opportunities
  4. Attempting to Double Down on Failed Trickle-Down Regressive Tax Cuts
  5. Reforming and Implementing Cannabis Laws
  6. Consumption Taxes: the Good, Bad and the Ugly


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