March 20, 2017

Maine Center for Economic Policy: MECEP Testifies Against Bills to Cut Taxes for the Wealthy at Expense of Maine’s Schools

ITEP Work in Action

Augusta, Maine (Monday, March 20, 2017) State legislators on the taxation committee will hold a public hearing today on several bills that would roll back the tax to pay for education enacted under Question 2, the ballot initiative passed by Maine voters in November 2016. As a result of Question 2, the state will have the capacity to provide 55% of school funding mandated by voters previously in 2004. The proposals before the taxation committee today would give huge tax breaks to the wealthiest Mainers, shift costs to property tax owners, and undermine the state’s ability to fulfill its commitment to Maine schools. The bills are LD 291, LD 337, LD 551, LD 829, and LD 851.

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