January 25, 2021

The Nation: These Progressives Helped Keep Hope Alive in 2020—and Prepare Us for 2021

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The Nation’s annual honor roll recognizes progressive activists and leaders who helped keep hope alive and set the groundwork for transformational change in 2021.

Since taking over in 2019 as executive director of Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, Hanauer has been calling out the economic fallacies that pass for policy in Washington. When Senate Republicans gamed the Covid-19 relief debates, Hanauer warned, “Senator McConnell is circulating a hoax of a plan with…two enormous giveaways to corporations: a liability shield for companies whose policies contribute to their employees getting sick, and a tax deduction for business meals.” Making the connection between regressive tax policies and rising inequality, Hanauer and her team crunch numbers and build arguments for taxing the rich and lifting up the working class.